Timeless Metropolis

Timeless Metropolis, Ivo Kerssemakers April Show in the Lowcountry Artists Gallery

Lowcountry Artist Gallery Presents “Timeless Metropolis” Exhibition by Ivo Kerssemakers

Charleston, South Carolina, Mach, 2021 – A new photo exhibit by photographer Ivo Kerssemakers entitled Timeless Metropolis will open April 2nd, 2021, at Lowcountry Artist Gallery. The exhibition will feature the artist’s iconic black and white long-exposure photographs of London, Amsterdam, and New York City.

Kerssemakers signature long-exposure technique records a scene over a period of time. Everything that moves, such as people, birds, clouds, and cars, disappears. The result is ethereal images of historical cities untouched by humans.

“I am attracted to old architecture,” Kerssemakers says. “Long exposure removes visual noise from these historic environments, and lets the viewer contemplate the important architecture of these cities without distraction.”

The exhibit is open to the public and will run through the end of April.

Timeless Metropolis, Ivo Kerssemakers April Show in the Lowcountry Artists Gallery

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Ivo Kerssemakers

Ivo Kerssemakers

Ivo Kerssemakers uses long exposure to create large-format landscape and cityscape photographs devoid of people or movement. This stillness allows the viewer to experience extraordinary natural and historic environments without the distraction of people, cars, or other visual noise.

At the Art Festival there will be a small collection of large works (60x40 and up) on display and a large selections of medium and smaller works (48x36 and down). Custom orders are accepted with free shipping available.

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