A lot of care is taken to make sure the prints are of the highest quality possible. Prints are produced with a 44″ wide Epson P9000, using archival pigmented inks,  on 100% cotton fine art papers or canvas and no optical brightners are present in any of the papers used. OBA’s make paper more white and are widely used because of the attractive price point, but the downside is that they yellow over time. By using high end papers you get a natural brighter white point and the colors are guaranteed to stay true for generations to come.


Fine Art Papers

Fine Art papers bring out the finest details in a print. They are vulnerable to outside elements, so will have to be matted and framed under glass for a proper display.

Epson Legacy Fibre

Fine Art prints of sizes 12×18 and up are printed on Epson Legacy Fibre, a 100% cotton fibre paper with a white coating on a smooth, matte finish, producing a truly stunning print. 

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Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper

Fine Art prints of sizes 8×12 and down are printed on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper, an acid free,100% cotton hot press paper.

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4 ply 

Archival Matting, 100% Cotton

2 types of mats are used, 4ply conservation grade rag mat, and 8ply museum grade rag mat, both are 100% cotton and archival grade. The main difference is the depth of the mat, the 8ply is about 2x as deep, and is the prefered selection for larger prints. 

8 ply 


Canvas prints are coated by two layers of scratch resistant uv protection. This has the advantage that no frame, mat or glass is needed for a proper display. Canvas prints are stretched on top of a solid poplar wooden frame, and are ready to hang. This works especially good for large prints and there is no reflection of glass to worry about.

Hahnemühle Cézanne Canvas

Canvas prints with sizes 36×24 and up are printed on Hahnemühle Cézanne Canvas, a heavy inkjet canvas made of pure cotton, with an elegant, finely woven surface texture. The natural white canvas contains no optical brighteners and boasts a beautiful, natural shade of white.

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Hahnemühle Art Canvas Smooth

Canvas prints with sizes 30×20 and down are printed on Hahnemühle Art Canvas Smooth, a a matt-coated inkjet canvas made from mixed polyester-cotton fabric. The creamy white canvas contains no optical brigtheners and features a smooth, uniform canvas texture.

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Solid Tulip Wood Stretcher Bars

Durable and rigid Dead Straight Stretchers/Strainer Bars moldings are one continuous solid length produced from clear select grade American Tulipwood. Used for all canvas prints with the exception of 8×12 and 12×18 sizes, which are stretched on a 0.75″ deep pine stretcher bar. 

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By default the following depths are used:

8×12 up to 18×12: 0.75″

24×18 up to 40×20: 1.18″

36×24 and up: 1.5″

Different depths are available upon special request.