Limited Editions

Ivo Kerssemakers Genuine Print

All prints with sizes of 18×12 or larger will be part of a limited edition series, and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate is hand signed and stamped, and a matching stamp with the same number can be found on the back of the print. All prints smaller than 18×12 will be part of an open edition, and have only the stamp and date on the back.

Editions are typically limited by size, as the size gets larger, there are fewer prints in the edition. The most common editions are:

– 18×12 Limited to 80 
– 24×16 Limited to 50
– 30×20 Limited to 40
– 36×24 Limited to 40
– 48×32 Limited to 40
– 60×40 Limited to 25

Some images are set up to have a limit over all sizes, for example the London and Amsterdam series. For these there is a limit to the amount of times a print (for sizes 18×12 and up) is made regardless of size.

Special sizes wll fall under the limit of the nearest size below it, for example, a 48×36 print will belong to the 48×32 edition, a 72×40 will belong to the 60×40 edtion, and so on. 

There are a few exceptions where there is a seperate limit set up for a special size, for example a 40×20, this is mainly because the print works really well in that size, and with it the limit for the regular size will be set lower. All exceptions will be stated clearly on the product page, and under no cicumstance will there ever be a new edition introduced that was not announced when the print came out. 

Sample Certificate