Large Scale Prints


Large prints give the best dramatic impact. All prints can be printed up to 60″x40″, most prints up to 74″x40″ and the newer images can be printed over 95″ wide. All images upto a height of 40″ will be produced in house, on a 44″ wide Epson P9000. Prints with a height of more that 40″ are possible, but will have to be done by a 3rd party printer, which will increase the cost of the print. 

Canvas works really well for the larger prints, they are relatively light, do not require a mat or glass and by adding a floater frame it will increase the total size by roughly 3″ all around. Large Fine Art prints (larger than 48″x32″) will have to be matted and framed by a specialty framer that can handle these sizes. The investment will increase dramatically, and the weight would most likely require special installation, but the end result is sure to be spectacular. 

Contact me for any questions about specific sizing needs.

Large Scale Prints Ivo Kerssemakers

foto by John Nation