Frame Choices

Larson Juhl Axel Smoked Timber Ivo Kerssemakers

By default, canvas prints will not have a frame when ordered online. There is however a selection of frames available that are my personal choice for framing canvas and fine art prints for the art shows and gallery representation. 

canvas floater frames

Larson Juhl® Axel Smoked Timber Floater Frame

Harvested from 100 year old beams, this Axel moulding is part of a truly reclaimed collection.  at 2.6″ deep, this frame works really well on larger pieces (48×32 and up). Available in dark and light wood. 

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Larson Juhl® Grey Cumberland Cherry wood Floater Frame

The simple, transparent finish highlight the natural beauty of solid wood harvested from the Cumberland Gap region. Made out of Cherry wood, the low profile makes it a perfect frame for all sizes. 

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Larson Juhl® Cranbrook Ebonized Walnut Floater Frame

The fine furniture finish and minimal, clean lines are what makes this Cranbrook moulding so versatile, a great choice for transitional artwork and interiors. Made out of walnut wood, the low profile makes it a perfect frame for all sizes. 

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International Moulding Woodgrain Floater

The most economical choice, a low profile wood floater frame showing the woodgrain, available in dark grey (almost black) and espresso (dark brown). Due to the low profile this frame works well on all sizes.

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fine art print frames

Larson Juhl® Low profile Black or White frame

This simple low profile white or black frame, made from poplar wood, will not distract from the image. Works well on any size. See further below for mat and glass choices.

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Tru Vue Museum® or Conservation Clear® Glass

Museum Glass® is unmatched with its amazing clarity and uncompromised protection, virtually eliminating reflections. A more economical alternative is Conservation Clear Glass® providing the same protection but sacrificing in clarity and reflection.

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4 ply 

Archival Matting, 100% Cotton

2 types of mats are used, 4ply conservation grade rag mat, and 8ply museum grade rag mat, both are 100% cotton and archival grade. The main difference is the depth of the mat, the 8ply is about 2x as deep, and is the prefered selection for larger prints. 

8 ply